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The city of Harbin, China's far north, has responded to a surge in new cases of coronavirus and stepped up security measures after a small outbreak of 52 positive cases raised fears that the virus could spread again in China. US attitudes toward China have deteriorated in recent years, with the country's economy in dire straits and GDP officially contracting, according to the World Health Organization.

Arts Expo, is the largest art exhibition in the world and one of the most popular in China. The ice city became known as the "Ice City" after several small ice festivals were held in the 1980s. Today, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is a major annual festival for ice, snow, skating and snowboarding.

For more information, check out our top 8 things to do in Harbin Winter and for more information on attractions, check out our Best Places to Visit list. For more information about the Ice and Snow Festival, please click on this page, which is operated by Guilin China Travel Service, which also organizes guided tours and fairs.

The Snow Sculpture Art Exhibition officially begins on January 5 and lasts for approximately 60-70 days, and a number of other winter activities will take place in the coming months.

The largest and most expensive is Harbin Ice and Snow World, which features the most lightning-fast and powerful crane sculptures. The theme for 2015 is "Charm" and includes the traditional opening ceremony and fireworks, accompanied by two main exhibitions. Based on my budget review of events, I decided to visit the Winter Snow Sculpture Art Exhibition in the capital Har bin, China. There are three main exhibitions, two of which are the Snow and Ice World and the Ice and Snow Museum, but there are a number of smaller exhibitions in other cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangdong.

Overall, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is impressive, but I'm still not sure how they manage to build it up each year. I travelled five years ago and from what I have heard, the sculptures are just getting bigger and better. If I could only pick one of the world's most famous ice sculpture festivals, I would have picked Har bin Ice & Snow World. Other famous ice sculpture festivals include the Winter Ice Festival in New York and the Winter Snow Art Festival in Beijing and Shanghai.

That would probably happen if a Vegas designer decorated the North Pole in the same way as the Las Vegas Winter Ice and Snow Festival.

The inspiration for the ice and snow sculptures there usually comes from the famous Zhan Fang, or "Ice and Snow Garden" of the Great Wall of China. The snow-walled garden is covered with snow, and snow is also engraved on the walls, and the dominant Zhong Fang sculpture is a huge ice sculpture of a man standing with his back to the sky.

When the Harbin Propaganda Department received a number of fellow countrymen from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who came to Har to enjoy the ice lanterns, they found that they were not only loved by visitors, but also interested in the snow, and that is what they are interested in. The ice city of Harbin was subsequently recognised as the cradle of ice and snow art in China and is one of the most popular ice art festivals in Asia and the world. As "ice art," the multi-coloured ice sculptures, shrouded in light, are the main feature of the festival and arranged in many ways, each representing a different theme.

The best time to visit the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is from mid to late January, but in winter the snow-covered China Snow Town in the city center is a good seasonal shooting theme.

Also, the festival usually includes three very important Chinese festivals, so skip the first 4-5 days, which are crowded with opening ceremonies, and definitely avoid the Chinese New Year week when everyone is in China. The festival usually spans three "very important" Chinese festivals, and is therefore even more significant as a "Chinese" event. As China is a relatively inexpensive country for European travellers, a visit to the Harbin Ice Festival costs around 150 euros, although the price of one event varies and the ticket only includes one ticket to the Ice and Snow Festival, but not the other two events.

The most relevant route for travelers is from LAX to Beijing, which takes about 8 hours, but Harbin is also connected by train. From LAZ, they offer transfer and transfer services between planes to and from Harbin, and Har bin Station has a direct connection to Beijing Airport and Shanghai, so you can also travel by car, bus, train or even bus.

Harbin is located on the border between Russia and China and is influenced by both sides, but is also very close to the borders with Russia, China and the US.

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