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The French hotel group Accor is the latest in a long line of similarly positioned hotel companies to be sold, having been sold for $451 million. The Chinese hospitality group Huazhu is targeting Europe. It will also retain a stake in Deutsche Hospitality, the Nasdaq-listed New York hotel chain Marriott International, which last month signed a deal to buy Frankfurt. French hotel group Accors has sold itself, while Chinese companies have targeted Europe, according to sources.

Under the agreement, Huazhu will become Accor's exclusive master franchisee for the development and ownership of hotels in mainland China, Mongolia and Taiwan. The MEB portfolio will expand the reach of China Lodging Group and further strengthen its position as the world's largest hotel operator in the mid-market hotel segment. He said: "With a strong track record in China's mid-sized hotel market and the addition of Harbin China Hotel Group to its hotel portfolio, we will now be the undisputed leader in this mid-sized segment in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Zhang added: "Deutsche Hospitality will also benefit by strengthening its competitiveness in the existing market. Accor's existing hotels in China will continue to operate in their existing markets and will benefit from the additional support of the MEB portfolio and its global network of international partners. We will maintain our identity, specificity and international standards and benefit from our global presence and expertise in hotel management, hospitality and hospitality, "Zhang added.

China Lodging Group will also support the development of the LUB portfolio by acquiring a number of new hotels in China and expanding its global network. By joining forces, we can foster growth and attract more customers to our expanding network, "said Ji Qi. This will help to shorten the time to market for the newly acquired company and its employees and will benefit them and their families in the long term, "said Zhang Jian, CEO of Deutsche Hospitality China.

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The conference call will be hosted by the management of China Lodging Group on behalf of China Accor Hotel Management and the management team of the hotel. Accors and the Chinese accommodation group will make every effort to achieve the conditions for the closure in a timely manner.

The conditions for the completion of the transaction include, but are not limited to, obtaining all necessary approvals from the relevant regulatory authorities in China. This includes the approval of the China Lodging Group, China Accor Hotel Management and the hotel management team.

China Lodging Group Limited is the leading and fastest growing multi-brand hotel group in China. The company offers business and leisure travelers a wide range of conveniently located hotel products, services and services. It is organised into HotelServices, which operates hotels and franchises, and HotelInvest, which owns and invests in hotels.

The aim of this alliance is to bring together the best of the two groups and to unite internationally recognised brands. This groundbreaking alliance will combine the strengths of Accor's global brand network with the expertise and know-how of Harbin China Lodging Group Limited and HotelInvest in China.

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