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Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province, China is probably not the first place you think of for street food. If you are going to Harbin, it is worth taking a 30-minute taxi ride into the city. Some China guides advise travelers to avoid it in winter if they want to be in it at all, and some advise against it.

You can even take a sleeper bus or fly to Harbin from other parts of China, including Beijing, Changchun West, Shenyang and Qiqihar. You can also fly directly from the Chinese capital Beijing or other major cities in China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Guizhou, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hunan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Gansu, Yunnan, Zhejiang and Xinjiang.

Harbin is also home to a number of temples, the most famous of which are the Confucius Temple, one of the largest temples in northeast China, and the Harbin Temple of Confucianism. When you look at the food in Har binning, you will be inspired by the food of harbin, as you can find it everywhere in China. Stews and other duncai are popular dishes, along with a variety of other dishes such as pork, beef, chicken, pork and pork ribs.

Another highly recommended dish is the fish fillet in hot chilli oil, which is highly recommended by the customers who have been there. The pork tenderloin is braised in a brown sauce (Jiang Gu) and served with water and ice cream with small red beans and fruit. Chinese style pork ribs with pork, beef, chicken, fish and tofu served in water or ice cream, with potherb and mustard. Grilled pork tenderloin, braised spareribs in the brown sauces of JiangGu and braised tofu in pherb, mustard, etc.

Chinese barbecue (shaokao) or hot pot is also popular in Harbin and a must-eat to be in town. Chinese grilled dishes, Shanxi, Bao Bing and hot pot dishes are an excellent choice for your taste in Russia.

In one of the many restaurants in Harbin you can try delicious dishes such as this one, which offers a more casual international buffet. The cheapest restaurants offer dishes for 20-30 dollars that cost no more than 25 CNY25, and Cantonese is refined with a good selection of dishes from various regions of China and other countries.

Of course, there are many more restaurants in Harbin and other parts of China, so check out our informative online travel guide. For more recommendations and information on the restaurants we recommend, please visit our Har bin Restaurants page. Acquired from thMart, with a 10% discount off the original price of CNY25 or more!

In addition to the above dishes, we have selected some customer favorites based on our insightful Harbin tour, and here is a selection of the best. This is possibly the most popular restaurant in the city and one of our favorite restaurants in China.

Founded in 1912, the century-old restaurant was one of the first to serve sunflower dumplings in Harbin. Here are some of our favorite dishes from their menu, as well as some of their other popular dishes.

This chain of restaurants, which has more than 10 branches in northeast China from Beijing to Tianjin, is one of the most popular restaurants in Harbin and a popular tourist destination in the city.

On our way out of town, we highly recommend this street food and it will enrich your experience when you take the Harbin tour. There is no doubt that the Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin is unmistakable, but it is not just about the Lantern Festival.

So we went to the next restaurant, which was to make the most of Sha Zhu Cai, and it seemed doubly impressive to dine alone. All over China, most restaurants serve family dishes, but we have a different experience in Portland, where the majority of traditional Chinese restaurants specialize in Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. If you want to order several things in a restaurant, such as an entree with vegetables and rice, you will end up with too much food!

One of the foods for which Harbin is famous is Guo Bao Rou, and it is the sweet and sour pork that you could see in West Chinese restaurants. This is a pure Sichun hotpot-style restaurant and many ingredients are sourced from SICHuan Province. The pork balls are braised in a sauce, the beef seasoned and the shrimp meat fried, then the pork is fried in the same sauce with a little sesame oil and a little salt.

This is not only true in Harbin, although it is different from home, there are candied fruit skewers in many other Chinese cities. Dongfang Dumpling King is one of the most popular dumplings in the city and a classic Dongbei food with a variety of different types of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables.

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More About Harbin